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Анна Валентиновна Драндрова

Test 7 class module 4 Starlight Drandrova

A.   A  Complete the sentences with the correct words

Upset, affects, confined, poisonous, vertigo, sweat, blood vessels, invisible, slippery, extended

1.     However, staring at a computer screen for an…………. period of time can be cause eye strain.

2.     When you make the same motion again and again in a……..space, the result can be quite serious.

3.     The caffeine in the tea will open up the constricted …………that cause a headache.

4.     Do you have…stomach?

5.     Jellyfish is almost ….. for swimmers.

6.     The males have a ….spike on their back legs.

7.     Alain suffer from …. – he feels dizzy when he is up high!

8.     When it is wet, Alain can not grip the …… surfaces.

9.     As the doors of the lift close? Your hands start to ….. .

10.                       Lack of sleep seriously  ….. our mind  and body.



B.   Underline the correct item.

1.   Sophie gripped/grabbed a sandwich for lunch.

2.   Alain can hang/crawl from balconies with his bare hands.

3.   We must/can switch our mobile phones off in class.

4.   The loud volume on your MP3 player can cause  upset stomach/hearing loss.


C.   Choose the correct item.


1.   We ……. warm up  before we start playing a video game.

a.   must  b. should  c.  have to

2.   Opticians warn that you ….. spend too much time looking at the screen.

a.   Should  b. may   c. mustn’t

3.   Sam sprained his ankle this morning and …. go to the hospital.

a.   had to   b. was able to    c. could

4.   This is the university  …… I studied in 80s.

a.   Which  b. where  c. whose

5.   The idea …. suddenly came into his head wasn’t his at all.

a.   who  b. where  c. that

6.   The girl is afraid of …….   nightmare and darkness.

a.   neither  b. both c. all

7.   ……Mary ….her sister hate injections.

a.   both…and b. neither…and c. as…as

8.   I don’t know the name of the medicine……had been prescribed to my dad.

a.   why b. which c. whose

9.   I don’t see anybody ……I can ask for help.

a.   why b. who  c. whose

10.       You ….. take the bus to get the museum. Its too far to have a walk.

a.   mustn’t b. can c. should

11.         ….. Davud and Maxim  like doing nothing.

a.    Either b. Both c. Neither



12.  2020 was the year ….. I won the championship.

a. where b. which c. when

13. Do you understand the rules?   ……… . Could you explain it again?

a. either b. neither c. non

14. …….Andrew ….. George will take part in the game. The coach will decide later.

a. either… or  b. neither….or   c. as….as..

15. We had invited everybody on a picnic, but …… came.

a. non   b. all c. many

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